Weedbuster Week 10 – 11 Sept @ Yeppoon

Capricorn Coast Landcare will be manning a stall, together with Livingstone Shire Council pest management staff, at Keppel Bay Plaza on 10 & 11 September from 8:30am – 5pm. Bring your plants for identification and advice on control measures, and receive a free native plant. CCLC webpage.

What is Weedbusters?
Weedbusters is an awareness and action program that aims to protect Queensland’s environment, agriculture and other industries from weeds. Weedbusters aims to raise awareness about weeds and their impacts, and involve people in weed management.

Weedbuster Week Yeppoon 10-11 Sept 2018

*Please note, I do not organise or manage any of the events I share or create.
CGE assisting non-profit & environmental organisations, the arts, small business’s with ‘green’ ethics & providing visuals/ info about the area we live in.


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Capricorn Groovy Events

Capricorn Groovy Events originally started as Facebook group in November 2011 after I became ill, it was a good way to keep my mind active. I taught myself all about graphics on a basic level using free programs called Photoscape & GIMP. With a lot of trail and error I also learnt the inner workings of Facebook & it's capabilities, something I have to say which I'm still doing. ​ In 2013 I met & fell in love with Alan Buehow, he manages his own Real Estate in Emu Park & over time it seemed sensible to advance or up the anti with the CGE’s as the 2 things just seem to mesh quite nicely and he kindly gave me the opportunity to be creative without any pressures or constraints, something I needed. You don’t come across many people like that, bit lucky I am. ​ It's now 2016 and I'm in the process of learning how to put together a website, mainly to get the CGE's to a broader section of the public without too much extra work and to dabble in website stuff. It’s tricky but I’m getting there, I think... So, that's where I am at the moment...a work in progress. :) If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. ​ I love helping non-profit organisations, environmental organisations, the arts, small business's with 'green' ethics, most things along those lines... I guess what I’m trying to say is, I try to promote what I feel is good for our region and good for our souls and I hope you do too. ​ Thank you for liking, sharing & contributing, together we can help to create the world we wish to live in :) Sari

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