Pop Up Library @ Yeppoon & Emu Park

Livingstone Shire Libraries Pop Up Library – Bringing fun, free and an assortment of fantastic services to the outdoors.

4 Sept – Beaman Park, Yeppoon 10am – 2pm 

Pop Up Library 4 Yeppoon 6 Emu Park - Sept 2018 1600x900
6 Sept – Bell Park, Emu Park 10am – 2pm

Enjoy a wonderful day in the sunshine learning all about our amazing online services, speaking with the lovely local library ladies and share a story and a song or two. Bring yourself, friends and the whole family.

Proudly supporting Adult Learners Week 2018.

“While there is a growing demand for adult education and an explosion of information, the disparities between those who have access and those who do not are also growing. There is a need to counter this polarity, which reinforces existing inequalities, by creating adult learning structures and lifelong learning environments that can help to correct the prevalent trend.”

CONFINTEA V Agenda For the Future

*Please note, I do not organise or manage any of the events I share or create.
CGE assisting non-profit & environmental organisations, the arts, small business’s with ‘green’ ethics & providing visuals/ info about the area we live in.


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Since 2011 I have enjoyed helping non-profit organisations, environmental organisations, the arts, small business’s with ‘green’ ethics, as well as sharing images I’ve taken around our region. I promote what I feel is good for our region, good for our souls and I hope you do too. Thank you for liking, sharing and contributing, together we can help create the world we wish to live in.

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