Emu Park Bushcare August Activity – 2018

Emu Park Bushcare August activity will be as follows. Please mark your calendars.

When: 11 August 3-5pm
Where: Aprox 56 Marine Parade
Wear: Sunsmart clothes and sturday shoes. Long pants and sleeves recommended.
Bring: Water bottle and gloves
For: Tidy up weeding

Emu Park Activity 11 Aug 2018


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Capricorn Groovy Events

Capricorn Groovy Events originally started as Facebook group in November 2011 after I became ill, it was a good way to keep my mind active. I taught myself all about graphics on a basic level using free programs called Photoscape & GIMP. With a lot of trail and error I also learnt the inner workings of Facebook & it's capabilities, something I have to say which I'm still doing. โ€‹ In 2013 I met & fell in love with Alan Buehow, he manages his own Real Estate in Emu Park & over time it seemed sensible to advance or up the anti with the CGEโ€™s as the 2 things just seem to mesh quite nicely and he kindly gave me the opportunity to be creative without any pressures or constraints, something I needed. You donโ€™t come across many people like that, bit lucky I am. โ€‹ It's now 2016 and I'm in the process of learning how to put together a website, mainly to get the CGE's to a broader section of the public without too much extra work and to dabble in website stuff. Itโ€™s tricky but Iโ€™m getting there, I think... So, that's where I am at the moment...a work in progress. :) If anyone has any suggestions, Iโ€™m all ears. โ€‹ I love helping non-profit organisations, environmental organisations, the arts, small business's with 'green' ethics, most things along those lines... I guess what Iโ€™m trying to say is, I try to promote what I feel is good for our region and good for our souls and I hope you do too. โ€‹ Thank you for liking, sharing & contributing, together we can help to create the world we wish to live in :) Sari

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